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DAI★SHI is a visual rock band formed in Indonesia in 2006. In 2006, keyboardist Kira and singer Hime met through some common friends in the university. After becoming acquainted, they found there was much in common and they enlisted the help of guitarist Dowe to start a band. Later, they also enlisted the bassist Aswan and drummer Roku.

DAI★SHI joined a J-Indo Band community in Indonesia and performed in many local events. In 2009, we recorded demos and posted them on MySpace, and later released our first EP in 2010. In 2011 it was announced that Aswan, departed from the band. Following the departure, DAI★SHI enlisted the help of guitarist Raya and bassist Alex. DAI★SHI continued performing until our hiatus in 2014.

The end of 2019, guitarist Dowe going through a long battle against lung cancer. Even though he lost the battle, his long struggle brought us back together to begin producing music again. Thus, in October 2021, we released a new single as a memoir of our glorious guitarist.

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